Will Tom Cruise Attend Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral?

Tom Cruise is likely to be on the guest list for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral. The actor has a strong bond with Prince Williams, the eldest son of King Charles III, and was also present at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations. It is highly probable that Tom will be invited to the funeral of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. According to an announcement by British royal officials, the funeral will take place on September 19.The body of the Queen will be in a state of public memory for four days prior to the funeral.

At Buckingham Palace, Prime Minister Liz Truss praised the Queen as one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. Major Johnny Thompson, whom the Queen had asked to sit behind Harry and Meghan at the St. Paul's Thanksgiving service, welcomed Truss from her car. Given his status as a newfound sex symbol, it was no surprise that he was asked to fulfill this duty, since his devotion to the Queen was clearly evident in previous events.

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise caused confusion among the British on Sunday with a special appearance at a Platinum Jubilee celebration for Queen Elizabeth II, where he praised the monarch's dignity and devotion to her country. Tom Cruise reportedly spoke to high-ranking members of the royal family about attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. According to royal experts, it is very likely that Tom Cruise will be invited to the Queen's funeral due to his close relationship with her. Tom Cruise reportedly spoke to high-ranking members of the Royal Family after his spectacular performance on stage celebrating the Platinum Jubilee.

If Tom Cruise is actually invited, there is a high chance that he will appear and pay his respects to the late Queen of England. Royal expert Neil Sean believes that the death of Queen Elizabeth II could lead to a new role for Princess Anne, more problems for Harry and Meghan and a possible appearance of Tom Cruise. Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was accompanied by actor Tom Cruise when she arrived at the U.