Why tom cruise rejected iron man?

The Top Gun actor was initially offered the role of Tony Stark, but eventually turned it down because he wanted a certain level of control over the production. Cruise spoke about why he turned down the position, explaining that he felt the project simply wasn't going to work for him. Even though Tom Cruise hasn't introduced himself as Iron Man yet, that doesn't mean the prolific actor isn't going to appear somehow in one of Marvel's many upcoming movies. The original interview was from The Indian Express (via SlashFilm) and Tom Cruise talked about what was happening with the casting of Iron Man for Marvel.

While that is not confirmed, what is known is that there was a time when Tom Cruise was about to take on the role, to begin with. The list of actors who almost played Marvel characters is filled with some of today's most recognizable faces (and voices), and at the top is Tom Cruise. Despite how difficult it is to imagine Tony Stark being played by someone other than Robert Downey Jr., Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was considered to be playing Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of those rumors that circulate is that Tom Cruise will make an appearance as Superior Iron Man, a version of the Multiverse by the hero Robert Downey Jr.

It is clear from this quote, although it is worded in some industry terms and in flowery language, that Tom Cruise thought that the plan for Iron Man, and perhaps even the great Marvel Cinematic Universe, was not up to par.