Does Tom Cruise Fly His Own Plane?

In an interview with James Corden, Tom Cruise revealed that he has a flight license for various types of aircraft, including combat planes and commercial flights. The Hollywood superstar is the proud owner of several planes, which he uses to travel from one destination to another. Cruise has had his pilot's license since 1994 and owns a P-51 from World War II. This aircraft surpasses the original in almost every way.

Last February, Tom Cruise was seen operating his Gulfstream IV in New Zealand when he was spotted at Queenstown airport preparing to take off. The types of aircraft Cruise chooses reflect his great ability and interest in flying. He is flexible, safe and fast because stardom never waits. The highly anticipated sequel to the original 1986 film Top Gun that made Tom Cruise the Hollywood superstar he is today, a lot depended on it, especially the 59-year-old actor's stardom.

Cruise had to prove that he still had what it takes to be a top actor and he did not disappoint. He offered one of the best performances of his career and the movie was a huge success. Tom Cruise is an experienced pilot who has been flying for over 25 years. He has a passion for aviation and loves to fly his own planes whenever possible.

He is an inspiration to many aspiring pilots who dream of taking to the skies one day. Tom Cruise is an example of how having a passion for something can lead to great success. His love for flying has enabled him to travel around the world quickly and safely, while also giving him an opportunity to show off his skills as a pilot.