Are tom cruise and brad pitt friends?

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt will be compared forever. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are incredible actors and people. Both are sought after and talented at what they do. I have no doubt that both of them are incredibly close friends.

In fact, I bet they talk to each other every day. One has to wonder how that friendship is still so strong. Pitt and Cruise once worked together on the 1994 film Interview With The Vampire, but they don't seem to be close friends. I had a different vision for the stars of the film, and that involved Brad Pitt and yes, you guessed it, Tom Cruise.

Over the weekend, on Channel 5, Tom Cruise went to the small screen to play Brian Flanagan in the epic 1988 super-fast movie Cocktail. But it wasn't just his presence that would surprise, as Brad Pitt, 55, would later admit that he thinks he's braver than his good friend and action star, Tom Cruise, during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.