Did Tom Cruise Really Fly a Jet for Top Gun?

Tom Cruise is known for his daring stunts and his willingness to go the extra mile for his movies. But did he really fly a jet for the iconic movie Top Gun? The answer is yes, but not in the way you might think. While Cruise and the other actors weren't actually piloting the jets, they did go up in the air as passengers. To make sure they looked like they knew what they were doing, Cruise submitted them to an intensive training course before production began.

If you want proof that Cruise still has it, you can watch the epic video of him flying planes. In the original Top Gun, Cruise and the other actors were in the air on real fighter jets, but it was necessary for someone else to fly the plane. While it would have been too easy to get Tom Cruise surrounded by a green screen, he's actually flying through the clouds, and those aviation scenes are 100% real. So Tom Cruise wasn't yet allowed to fly an F-18 for the movie, but he was given training to help him make it look like he could.

Tom Cruise's commitment to authenticity and realism is one of the reasons why Top Gun is such an iconic movie. His willingness to go up in the air and learn how to make it look like he was flying a jet made all the difference in creating a realistic and thrilling experience for viewers.