What does tom cruise spend money on?

Cruise spends his money on churches, expensive houses and luxurious ships that fit an entire film crew. Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood's most controversial actors. Because of his ties to Scientology and his disastrous breakup with Katie Holmes, Cruise has a reputation for being a little weird, at best, 5 days ago. TOM Cruise is one of Hollywood's biggest stars and the richest.

Rowling's story and plot from the famous series of title books, but that's the image you'd get when you learn what Tom Cruise did for an old friend of his who also happened to be his lawyer, Bert Fields. In more recent sightings, Tom Cruise has been seen wearing a more elegant look, some sophistication, since he has dedicated himself to suits, elegant and tight, surely made. So when it comes to Tom Cruise and time, you have to consider how much time he spends alone with fans. Tom Cruise could very well be the real-life counterpart to Charlie Hunnam's Jax Teller.

No, seriously, he's a “maverick”, I'm sure he's a “maverick” when it comes to motorcycles and the real-life specialist is nothing short of an amateur when it comes to bicycles. Unfortunately, it seems that Tom Cruise may be completely out of his daughter's life, and those are obviously cautious and personal reasons. Like Scott Disick from the acclaimed movie Flip It Like a Disick, Tom Cruise buys and sells a lot of houses. The fact of using a pen in this modern era in and of itself may seem strange, but even more than that it was the type of pen that Tom Cruise used.

Well, it's been reported that Tom Cruise has gone four possible years without seeing his youngest daughter, Suri. Continuing with the topic of gift-giving, Tom Cruise seems to have a tendency to spend money on other people without looking for anything in return. He's not as cynical or narcissistic as Marie Antoinette, but Tom Cruise makes sure that both Kirsten Dunst and Jimmy Kimmel get a cake every year for their birthday. Tom Cruise is also a competent producer and the Mission Impossible film series produced by his own company has been a great success at the box office.